The Northwich Business Improvement District (BID) has worked on another project to help make the town greener and cleaner.

Alongside Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside (CLM) and workers from Grozone Community Garden, volunteers banded together on Friday 14th June to tidy up an area of greenspace between Barons Quay and Sainsbury’s car park.

The land had become overgrown with shrubbery and some of the fencing had been damaged, which led to the Northwich BID and Groundwork CLM identifying it as an area in need of urgent care and attention.

Northwich BID Manager Jane Hough has spoken about the clean-up operation and explained more about the BID’s role in helping to improve the town’s image.

“With many visitors to Northwich using the route between Barons Quay and Sainsbury’s we felt it was necessary to make the area look neat and tidy while also being respectful to the wildlife that lives there,” said Jane.

“As a Business Improvement District one of our main objectives is to enhance the greenspace in Northwich and make it an even more appealing place for visitors to come to.

“The volunteering work near to Barons Quay is just the latest in a long line of projects that we have got involved with under the theme of Greener and Cleaner. This includes the redevelopment of Pocket Park, investments into hanging and railing baskets throughout the town centre and giving the subway turret next to the Northwich Memorial Court a facelift. We also helped oversee numerous planting initiatives during last year’s North West in Bloom awards.

“Unfortunately this progress and momentum could all be undone this summer if we don’t get the backing from businesses for a BID 2.”

Jane then went on to thank all of the volunteers who helped with the tidying in Northwich.

“It was brilliant to have Groundwork CLM volunteers from all over the North West here in the town to carry out some much-needed work. Grozone lent a hand too which emphasises the great community spirit that has been built up in the town in the last few years.”