Up To £5,000 Grant For Hospitality

To help hospitality businesses recover from the impact of the COVID pandemic, Northwich BID is offering grants of up to £5,000 to support businesses looking to create, expand or improve an Alfresco seating area outside of their business premises. The grant is 100% cost recovery.

This grant is available from Northwich BID after successfully securing funding from the governments Covid Outbreak Management Fund through Cheshire West & Chester Council.

The grant is for up to £5000 to help purchase items relating to the businesses Alfresco area, this could be for new or improved tables, chairs, barriers etc. It will be operated on a 100% cost recovery basis, with businesses required to apply for the grant by 2nd February.

The fund is limited, which means that in the event of it being over subscribed we may have to limit who can receive the grant.

You should review the grant guidance below before applying. If you have any queries please contact your BID team.

What is the purpose & priority of the grant?
First Priority: Creating a new Alfresco seating area – businesses that don’t currently have an Alfresco seating area but meet the criteria to have one.
Second Priority: Expand an existing Alfresco seating area – businesses that have an Alfresco seating area with the capacity for it to be expanded (must be within the existing remit of their Alfresco Licence)
Third Priority: Improve an existing Alfresco seating area – businesses that have an Alfresco seating area that would be improved by installing shelter, heating, or better-quality equipment.

How are the grants being funded?
Northwich BID has secured funding from the governments Containment Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) via Cheshire West and Chester Council.

How much can I apply for?
The maximum that can be applied for is £5,000. Proof of purchase/order must be supplied before any funds can be paid (i.e., supplier invoice or order confirmation). Businesses who are VAT registered will receive the Ex. VAT value of items.

What can the grant be used for?
The grant can be used to purchase equipment to safely create, expand or improve an Alfresco seating area, this could include: Tables, chairs, free standing canopies, gazebo’s, electric/infrared heating etc. (this list is not definitive)

All equipment must be purchased new from an established retailer able to provide business credentials upon request (e.g., VAT number, company registration number etc.). Equipment must be of a good quality and meet the necessary safety standards (e.g., wind loading, risk assessments etc.).

What can’t the grant be used for?
Grants cannot be used for equipment that requires planning or conservation consent i.e., awnings or heaters that need to be attached to a building would not qualify. For safety and environmental reasons no gas powered, or flame heaters would be considered.

Who can apply?
Any hospitality business located within the Northwich BID area that meets the criteria for an Alfresco licence is eligible to apply.

Do I need an Alfresco licence?
To be eligible for a grant you must hold an Alfresco licence from Cheshire West & Chester Council. If you do not hold an current Alfresco licence, you can still apply for the grant however you must also apply for an Alfresco licence (proof of application is required). An expansion of area will also require an additional approval. More information about Alfresco licences and how to apply can be found here: (contact your BID team for phone advice on Alfresco licences)

How will it be decided which businesses receive a grant?
A simple scoring mechanism will be applied to decide who is awarded a grant. Applications will initially be ranked by:
First Priority: New Alfresco Areas
Second Priority: Expanded Alfresco Areas
Third Priority: Improved Alfresco Areas
Applicants will be asked to explain to what extent a new or extended Alfresco seating area would help grow or sustain your business. Businesses should also specify their own priorities for the items they wish to purchase, this may be used to offer partial grants.

How and when can I apply?
To apply please complete the short application form here.
Applications open on Tuesday 18th January and close on Wednesday 2nd February at 6pm. Successful applicants will be notified via email no later than 4th February 2022.

To access the grant successful applicants must provide proof of purchase & a copy of a business bank statement showing the purchase transaction to Northwich BID no later than Friday 18th March 2022. Please factor in this deadline should you also need to apply for an Alfresco licence from the council.